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Apelsin Games Studio

Apelsin Games studio is a young mobile games development company, with a head office in Riga, Latvia.

Apelsin Games Studio
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en:Сотрудничество и идеи

en:Мы привлекаем и поддерживаем разработчиков, которые разделяют наши взляды.

Studio's team are proffessionals who see the market of mobile games wider and much more interesting than the one existing now. We are going to change the perception of mobile games as low grade entertainment, and we want to create games which will be able to compete with console and PC projects.

Our main aim is to create fascinating and interesting projects to be played for hours. It is important to us so that our games could attract gamers all over the world.

We are also always happy to support third-party games developers who want to make great, quality, fancy projects with us.

For partners

We are open to interesting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

For investors

The market of mobile apps and games is one of the most dynamically developing areas of online business. According to Statista forecast, gross annual income of the mobile apps market will overcome $189 bln in 2020. The number of users is growing exponentially year by year. Our company offers only high quality game apps. Our games are aimed to meet the demands of a player in fascinating and not banal pastime. We care about each user and we do our best to make you feel comfortable in our game space.

Investing in our development will allow you to make profit in the shortest possible time. We are happy to cooperate with the companies that share our interests in the sphere of business and common human relationship.

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For developers

Our team is always ready to support the developers who share our views in mobile games area. If you also enjoy the process of creating games and if it is important to you to interest a user so that he could spend hours in gaming space, we are open to cooperation and new ideas.

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