When peace in your world depends on you

Mercenary is a third-person stealth action. You are going to dive into the Middle Ages, solve a huge number of puzzles avoiding meeting with castle guards and different bandits. We are full of special pride presenting you Merceary because our team has reconstructed the epoque of castles, swordfights, coups and desperate robberies, with scrupulous care. Magnificent realistic graphic; more than 15 missions for different from each other characters; atmospheric music - all this will plunge you into a new world of conspiracy and intrigue! 

XIV century. Victor Hansen ends up his carreer as a mercenary and moves with his family to Poitou County in France in order not to endanger himself any more. He wants to dedicate his life to the care of his wife and the only daughter. Gradually, life is getting better.The sale of the part of the crop to the castle gives regular income. But peaceful life came to an end when the ruler of the castle suddenly passed away. The fight for the throne between the heirs begins, plus, nomadic bandits organised a violent attack on the castle at a bad time. And it wouldn't be Victor's war if his wife, by accident, didn't find herself in the thick of things in the castle. 

You can save the wife on your own but will that be enough or will you have to interfere with other events and change destinies?


— More than 15 missions and 4 hours of playing! 
— Magnificent HD graphic! 
— Wide range of opportunities of completing each mission! 
— Two main characters! Try to find out more with the help of Victor's daughter! 
— Plenty of details, breakneck plot!


Coming soon