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Consulting and marketing

The priority fields for Apelsin Games are marketing and monetisation of games. We offer cooperation to companies developing free2play projects for mobile devices: UX & UI audit, consultations on technical issues and analytical tools.

Even if you are not ready to work together yet, we provide assistance and consultancy as a separate service. Only projects in the final stage of development will be selected for publishing.

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Working with indie studios

We work with small teams that are not yet able to afford a full-scale advertising campaign, but nevertheless understand the importance of marketing for their game. We usually do not invest in game development process, though we recommend you to apply at early stages in order to form an idea of our requirements.

Quick decision-making

We make a decision on further cooperation within 5-7 business days.

Willing to take risks

We consider different genres and games, even those considered too complex for monetisation.

Minimal interference with the game

We do not have strict corporate policies about game selection, but we offer a small list of changes that are required to make a positive decision regarding cooperation.

The goal of Apelsin Games is to find and support promising game projects around the world.