Mobile game developer

Founded in
Game development
iOS and Android
Located in
Riga (Latvia)

Technologies and innovations

Apelsin Games develops exciting gaming applications, successfully realising a fresh vision of the mobile gaming market. Our goal is to reach users from all over the world.

Colourful graphics

A visual image is the first thing the user pays attention to. Our design is aimed at creating a "wow effect" as early as the first downloading.

Exciting gameplay

Our games firmly capture players’ attention — this effect is achieved using thoughtful game mechanics and a fascinating storyline.

User-friendly interface

All our games feature intuitive controls — it takes a few seconds to understand how the game process is arranged.

compete with the
console and PC games

Our philosophy is to combine trends and experiences. Our technical solutions allow us to create mobile games that do not lose their relevance for many years.
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You can play our mobile games for hours — install and check out all their advantages right now.


A fantasy puzzle game right from Wonderland. A free game to train your logical thinking — think through each step in advance and become the winner by reaching the final level. Discover all Alice's secrets — complete daily missions, earn daily bonuses, collect your collection of figurines and trade them with your friends.


Mercenary is an isometric stealth game. You have to plunge into the Middle Ages and solve a lot of puzzles while avoiding the castle guards and bandits. By presenting you Mercenary, we are particularly proud to mention that our team approached the recreation of the era of castles, sword battles, coups and reckless robberies with scrupulous care.

Creating a new game world

The hallmarks of every game made by Apelsin Games
Modern design
Exciting game plot
Vivid characters
Unique soundtrack

For investors

Investing in our developments will allow you to get a guaranteed profit — we will be glad to discuss our potential cooperation and provide additional information.

For developers

Become a part of the Apelsin Games team — we are constantly looking for talented developers who are attentive to details and share our views in the field of mobile game creation.