A fantasy puzzle game
right from Wonderland

The free game to train your logical thinking — think through each step in advance and become the winner by reaching the final level. Discover all Alice's secrets — complete daily missions, earn daily bonuses, collect your collection of figurines and trade them with your friends.

Gameplay and features

Exciting adventures

The playing field will come to life right before your eyes — get the figure to the next level and earn your first achievement by collecting 3 characters in a row.

Vivid animated characters

The Queen's and Alice's collections and the characters loved by everyone are waiting for you — the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the Hatter, the White Queen, the Caterpillar and the other 23 characters.

Intuitive control

Enjoy the gameplay and simple controls anywhere and anytime. Everyone can play the puzzle, but only the chosen one can become the best.


Rewards and game bonuses

Every 12 hours, the player receives valuable bonuses by rotating the Wheel of Fortune and earns rewards for completing special quests.


More surprises

Show all your talent - the game will get complicated because of the figures that move freely on the playing field.


Additional features

Blow up any figure using the cannon or move it to a free square in the air balloon.

Play together with your friends

Alice is a single-player game that is more fun to play with your Facebook friends. You can trade items and help each other to collect complex figures.