The only chance to survive
in this world is to be invisible

The game will be released in summer 2018

Mercenary is a stealth isometric game with a top-down perspective. You will face fascinating missions - go through all the trials and obstacles, avoid the deadly traps and, which is most important, do not let the enemies see you.

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You are a former mercenary who lives in medieval times and has to get through many life-threatening situations and save his wife and daughter from the captured castle. You are to find a way to penetrate into a completely isolated castle in order to save your family and find out the traitor’s name.

Mercenary’s plot

Perfect walkthrough

At the end of each level, you will see your statistics: how many times the enemies saw you, how many enemies you killed and how fast you finished the level. The best way to beat the game is to stay completely unnoticed.

Additional missions

In addition to the basic levels, we have prepared additional missions - only the best of the best will be able to complete all the levels, thus becoming the most successful mercenary in the history of France.

Exciting mini-games

We have prepared a series of trials for you that will require skill and ingenuity. Side quests diversify the run through the main levels and will help open doors or avoid traps.

Stunning graphics and

Intuitive touch control

Many puzzles and

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